Sheaths art

O alta transa de teci custom pentru cutitele lui Cristian Soimosan. Pampam!






I shave my head

I was always intrigued why all the great masters said that this world is an illusion. What are they talking about, how could all the objects, all my feelings, my thoughts, my body, how can I be an illusion. They must be crazy! And then I started practicing the Kyokushin way. And the words of the masters became so real!


Starting more than 15 years ago, I shave my head. In the beginning people asked me why I did this, because I really had nice hair, and I always replied that it is more convenient for me because of the training. My real motive was something else. The moment I realized, mostly through Kyokushin, through meditation and reading, how superficial, how asleep and lost almost everybody around me was, I decided that I must do something, like a reminder to go on the middle way, to walk between this material, instinct dominated and petty world and the spiritual world, actually the only real one. I refuse to go to a monastery, I refuse to hide myself, but in the same time, I refuse to become this world of agony and ecstasy. So I choose to meditate in the middle of the market, I want to continue to live among all the people, enjoying every moment, every blessing, because when you start to understand the illusion, everything becomes a bliss, even the things that you considered “bad” in the past.
The beginning of understanding for me was the moment when I realized that I can perceive the same situation in different ways just by a simple decision. After experimenting some time with this technique I discovered a new one, the most important of all, for me. When you start meditating, one of the things the master is asking you to do is to try to contemplate, to observe your mind, the way how thoughts come and go, how they grow if you feed them, how they fade when you change your focus. Funny thing is that thoughts and emotions, feelings, wishes, they start to become so much less vital for yourself just by observing them, just by becoming a witness. This is the most important technique that I know, and I use it lately all the time.
Have you noticed how, after one good Kyokushin training, all the problems that you prior thought you have, become smaller? I am absolutely sure that all who train in Kyokushin have experienced this. How come? Because, during training, during kihon, kata, kumite, the mind becomes still, it must become so, if not, you are not doing it correctly, and because of this, problems shrink. So a question appears: if a problem can become smaller just by not paying attention to it for a while, how real can it be? It makes me smile even now, after so much time.
Things have not stopped here. Not only did I discovered that the mind is “guilty” for all my misery, but by trying to contemplate my thoughts, my emotions, my cravings, my fears, by deciding not to get identified with them, I stopped judging situations and I started discovering perfection in all things, even in those considered really bad by most of the people. And seeing perfection has never left me since. Contemplation helps you not to get identified with situations, with emotions, with clothes, wishes, with who you “think” you are. This is so great! It is such a feeling of relief! After understanding, after becoming conscious, you become light like a feather even if you are sick, poor or in pain. There are so much more things to say, but shortly: observe, contemplate, meditate, do not get identified, laugh all the time, stop in the middle of the day to watch a child playing, a bird singing, do your duty, but do not forget who you are and what this world is made of. This is the middle way. This is why I shave my head. This is why I train Kyokushin. Osu!

Teaca la fighter

Dupa citeva zile in Azerbaidjan si o saptamina pe longboard cu Eddie, am reusit in sfirsit sa termin si teaca pentru Fighter. O teaca lunga la un cutit lung. Am vopsit-o in aceleasi nuante de maro ca sa se potriveasca cu minerul. De stat, cutitul sta exceptional de bine. Ce mult imi place cum se modeleaza pielea asta tabacita vegetal.





Teaca la EDC

Gata teaca la un utilitar din otel-carbon 1.2842 calit diferentiat. Am facut teaca in asa fel incit sa poata fi purtata si cu gaica si cu agatatoare pentru a fi prins mai usor la un rucsac, sa spunem.






Karate and stupidity

In Baku, at Sayonara party, I had a small talk with a man I love and respect, and between the ideas exchange he told me that his wife thinks that anyway most people who train karate are stupid. He did not completely approve this, stating that this is a generality common to the whole world, but I know better to appreciate a women’s intuition, and I completely agree with her.
Why do I think this. If you believe you can be offended by this words, please stop here, I don’t want to harm anybody’s feelings. Thing is karate is a very complex educational system, and like any other system it has good and bad parts. We are insecure, so we search for an educational system that could make us stronger, more confident, capable of expressing ourselves. And karate gives us this, and many more things, like health, self-defense abilities, friends… Problem is we get identified with who we think we have become. Because everybody starts calling us sempai, sensei, shihan, we actually think we are this. And we strive to get more grades, more diplomas, to be recognized as important. And in my opinion this makes us really stupid. For me, anybody who thinks he is important is stupid. So when I see people recommending themselves with shihan, sensei, bla bla it makes me so sad. When I see signatures on diplomas: shihan… 
George Gurdjieff was one of the greatest masters of the XX century. One of my favorite quote from his work is this: “Identification is man’s only sin.” I really believe this to be true. Unfortunately too many of our fellow karatekas become identified with the grade, with the gi, with titles, with whom they think they have become. I believe in the Budo way, but identification is the way of the stupid. I have seen only a couple of people whom I think they are real masters in my life. But for me it is difficult to recognize one: the inferior cannot recognize the superior. 
And then there is the problem of power. Abraham Lincoln said something really great: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Karate gives you this: power. And it makes no discriminations: it gives power to almost everybody, or at least the illusion of power. And what happens: you see people really clear. And yes, you see more stupid people in karate than in the “real life” and sometimes it can be funny, but most of the time it is only sad. 
Is this going to make me stop training? Oh, no! I love karate, I love Kyokushin. My best friends train with me, I love my students, my teachers, my masters, I love to train. But in the same time I try not to forget who I am, and really I don’t know who I am. I came in this world without a name, without clothes and I will leave almost the same, with everybody forgetting who I was. And for me this is a beautiful mystery. And I will try my whole life to see in others beautiful, mysterious beings. So, my advice is, train, fight, get titles, get grades, but do not get identified with them, because this is not who you really are. You are so much more then this! So, stay humble, stay hungry, do not get satisfied. Evolve.

Transalpina, episodul 3

E al treilea an cind urcam pe Transalpina pentru longboarding, si al doilea in care Eddie, fratele meu, e cu mine. Drumul asta e incredibil. Nu doar ca loc pentru longboarding, dar ca loc de meditatie. Am urcat spre Drumul Regelui obosit, dupa citeva saptamini incarcate, dar in momentul in care am ajuns totul a disparut. Nu stiu, muntii, norii, aerul rece, vintul…Fuck it, a fost incredibil. Nu m-am dat pe longboard asa mult intr-un an intreg.